Accept used bike trade-ins

Bicycle values are given on the spot, via our exclusive Cycling Book catalog, as an in-store credit.

Build customer loyalty

Accelerate the purchase cycle and get your customer on a new bike today.

Quick service with free shipping

We guarantee a quick turn-around time, hassle-free transactions and we even pay for shipping!

Be THE solution for your customers

Your customers will save time on the creation and management of an online ad.

Your customers avoid awkward meetups and negotiations with strangers.

Offer them a fair price for their used bike without any of the negotiations.

Accept their used bike and get them on a new bike, in a single visit.

Your customers save part of the taxes on their in-store purchase.

Some of our partners across Canada

Our top partners

Process up to

15 trade-ins

per month

Offer an average of


in trade-in value per customer

Reach a potential of


in additional revenue


  • How do I become a partner?

    To become a partner, simply click on ‘Become a partner’ above, tell us how to reach you and we will contact you to finalize your onboarding process. You can also reach our customer service at 1-855-872-3312 and we will take the time to discuss all the benefits this program has to offer.

  • How much does it cost to become a partner?

    Becoming a Cycling Avenue Partner is completely FREE but exclusive to recognized bicycle and sport retailers, bicycle demo or rental outlets, as well as activity centers with bicycles. You must have a storefront to participate in the program and be a partner with us.

  • Is this program only available in Canada?

    No, we are excited to offer the program to retailers across all North America. Please contact us to get started today.

  • How are credits for trade-ins offered?

    If the used bike is traded-in at retail, the credit is offered in the form of an in-store credit by your store to the customer. The terms of the credit (value, expiry, use) are at your sole discretion. Through our program, we pay you the same value as the credit.

  • How are trade-ins promoted?

    We work with each retailer to promote trade-ins in your store and online. We also promote trade-ins and the circular economy across Canada. We believe the more people are on bikes, the more everyone benefits.

    We also provide you with a complete media kit that is available on your partner portal.

  • Once the customer accepts the value and I issue a store credit, what’s next?

    Our trade-in process is quick, simple and hassle-free. Once the trade-in is confirmed, your customer can immediately apply the credit to a new purchase in your store. Depending on where your shop is located, you’ll have different options for the collection or shipment of the bike to us.

I wish to sell or trade-in my bike